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The world is entering a golden age for agriculture.  Don’t get left behind by the rapid changes currently taking place in agriculture around the world. has the analyses, historical data and considered independent opinions to ensure you stay up to date and informed.  

The Analysing Agriculture Monthly Newsletter is a high quality, well researched summary about current global agricultural trends - now in it's 20th year of production.  The Newsletter will help you understand why things are looking up for agriculture. You need the information and analyses contained in the Newsletter to stay up to date with current issues, helping you to make the right decisions and maximise your profits!


Each edition provides: 

  • an in depth analysis of one of the major agricultural commodities; 
  • an overview of important economic aspects affecting agriculture; 
  • analysis of trends in the major agricultural commodities, accompanied by clear and meaningful commodity price charts and graphs; and,
  • a summary and analysis of western economic indicators.

Make sure that you are in a position to capitalise on the coming boom by subscribing to the world's most relevant and concise source of agricultural economic analysis - Analysing Agriculture. 



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We all have busy lives, which means we have limited time to read and keep up to date. Don't waste your time sorting through the bewildering mass of irrelevant information that is available today. gives you the power to stay up to date with the important issues and data without wasting your time. Continuing subscribers say that Analysing Agriculture's Newsletter is one of the most succinct summaries of current agricultural trends available. You can read the subscriber testimonials for yourself. 


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Quality information leads to quality decisions 


Behind quality decisions is quality information. Don’t leave your business profits to guesswork and chance. The monthly Analysing Agriculture newsletter provides readers with relevant information about agricultural commodities and expert analyses of that information. Chief editor, Emeritus Professor John W. Chudleigh, gives you his valuable  independent opinions and considered advice, helping you to understand the current global agricultural trends and how it impacts on your business.

Full subscription not only gives you access to all the monthly newsletters from 2003, but also all the special reports and analysis, all beef and cattle analyses, all wheat industry analyses and peace of mind that you are reading the analyses, and considering data, from one of the world's most respected suppliers of agricultural economic opinion.


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Tried and tested information and analyses


The Analysing Agriculture newsletter is now in its 20th year.  Originally developed for farmers who wanted information about the likely direction of prices for their commodities, the newsletter keeps its readers up-to-date with information and quality analysis of the main changes in the major commodities. The newsletter has an extremely high rate of re-subscription because the information in the newsletter gives subscribers valuable and topical insights every month, every year, since 1989.


Information you can use


The Analysing Agriculture Monthly Newsletter keeps you up-to-date with the main changes in the major commodities as well as providing an in-depth study of one of the key commodities. So no matter what your interest in agriculture is, whether you work in an educational institution, an agricultural consultancy, or you are a mixed farmer, agricultural supplier or exporter or investment adviser, the newsletter will meet your information needs. It will provide you with targeted and reliable information, expert analyses and quality opinions.

The newsletter is supported by the more in-depth Special Analyses and Reports, as well as Beef and Cattle Industry Analyses and Wheat Industry Analyses for those who wish to delve further into those particular commodities.

The newsletter is responsive to global events and the needs and interests of our subscribers. Don’t miss out on this valuable source of information that will give you an insight into the workings of the world's agriculture economy.


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This long standing, highly regarded source of quality information is available through a full subscription to Subscribe now and get the information you need to understand the global trends in market commodities.







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